Bhanderi Bestows 175-Year Sarangpur Temple With Lab Grown Diamond Crown (Mukut)

November 18, 2023 . Bhanderi Lab Grown Diamonds
Bhanderi Bestows 175-Year Sarangpur Temple With Lab Grown Diamond Crown (Mukut)

A Historical Moment: Sarangpur's Kashtabhanjan Dev Crowned with Bhanderi's Lab Grown Diamonds

In a momentous event that unfolded on November 16, 2023, Sarangpur, India, witnessed a profoundly historic occasion. The revered Shri Kashtabhanjan Dev Hanuman Temple Sarangpur was graced with a remarkable crown created entirely from eco-friendly lab diamonds by Bhanderi Lab Grown Diamonds. This event, post-celebration, marked 175 years since the installation of the deity’s idol within the temple.

Legend has it that the temple's idol, attributed to Shri Gopal Anand Swami, is said to have come to life upon installation, infusing the site with profound spiritual significance. Over the years, the temple has become a sanctuary for healing rituals and a focal point of deep devotion.

The ceremony witnessed the placement of a remarkable crown, bearing an astounding weight of 1000 grams crafted in gold. The art in the crown was carved with Hanuman Mace, two peacocks, motifs of peacock feathers, and florals. The beak and eyes of the peacock in the crown were crafted with Meena Karigari. In addition, the tiara and earrings have 7200 diamonds set inside them. The design of the 375-carat diamond-encrusted tiara and earrings took one month, while the production took three months with ten artisans. It symbolized a magnificent blend of history, spirituality, and modern innovation. The ceremony, which coincided with the auspicious Diwali festival, served not only as a symbolic adornment but as a conscious and environmentally responsible choice as the community stepped into the new year.

Distinguished dignitaries, including the founders of Bhanderi —Mr. Ghanshyam Bhanderi, Mr. Magan Bhanderi, and Prakash Bhanderi graced the event, adding a sense of sanctity and respect to the proceedings. Their visionary leadership and commitment to eco-friendly lab grown diamond manufacturing beautifully aligned with the vision of "Make in India" championed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Perfect Fusion Of Tradition And Innovation

The crown, delicately placed atop the idol, represents more than just an ornate addition. Crafted from Bhanderi's lab diamonds, it signifies the temple's dedication to sustainability and ethical adornments. The temple’s choice to adorn the idol with our lab grown diamonds symbolizes a significant shift towards responsible and ethical embellishments without compromising on beauty, aligning with a global trend toward sustainable practices and ethical gem sourcing.

This event, celebrated amidst great anticipation, not only honored the temple’s history but also the fusion of our ethical diamonds with the temple's spiritual legacy created a truly breathtaking moment. The community was captivated and inspired by the ceremony, acknowledging the importance of this union. The stunning beauty of this diamond-studded crown evoked a sense of wonder and reverence among the temple's visitors and devotees.

Bhanderi, a leading lab grown diamond manufacturer, takes pride in the gems, mirroring the brilliance and purity of natural diamonds. Renowned for our commitment to environmentally friendly practices, we have become a trusted name in the industry, providing conscious alternatives to traditionally mined diamonds.



The Crown ceremony event at the Shree Kashtabhanjan Dev Hanumanji Temple stands as a witness to Sarangpur's rich heritage. It signifies the beautiful marriage of timeless spiritual significance with the innovative and mindful approach of Bhanderi Lab Grown Diamonds, one of the prominent lab grown diamond growers creating a momentous occasion that will echo through the decades.

The company's commitment to minimizing environmental impact and reducing carbon footprints set a new standard for eco-conscious choices. The event marked a significant moment where spirituality and innovation converged. The temple, known for its spiritual importance, now adorns a crown made entirely from ethically produced lab grown diamonds, elevating the sanctity of the sacred space.

The anticipation and reverence among devotees and the local community soared as the ceremony unfolded. This convergence of spirituality, history, and innovation became a deeply meaningful and awe-inspiring experience for all involved, honoring the temple's sanctity and rich legacy.

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