Who we are?

Lab Grown Diamond Growers

Bhanderi Lab Grown Diamonds provides incredible service and quality for all our lab created diamonds products. We are an emerging name in the Chemical Vapor Deposition, or CVD lab grown diamonds and lab created diamonds industry. Our pioneering team of expert lab grown diamonds designers, manufacturers, and jewelers is based in the beautiful mouth of the Tapti River in Surat, Gujarat, India.

This beneficial geographic location allows for quick access to many lab grown diamonds shipping and distribution resources, further cutting down on our lab created diamonds pricing while improving our reliability. Ever since our founding in 2013, Bhanderi Lab Grown Diamonds has held the vision of bringing valuable lab created diamonds to every household, retailer, market, and distributor around the world. Bhanderi Lab Grown Diamonds seeks to shift public opinion by demonstrating the stunning quality of each of our lab created diamonds. We want to acknowledge the man-made element of our lab created diamonds and make the final lab grown diamonds product just as important to life as the mined version.

Lab Grown Diamond Growers
Lab Grown Diamond Growers
Lab Grown Diamond Growers


CVD Diamonds can be termed as a lost identical twin of natural diamonds. They have exact properties, shine, atomic structure, and looks but are a little more empathetic towards the environment and people. CVD diamond wafers give you the flexibility of creating a diamond of different shapes, sizes, colours, and numbers. Our expertise is the best in the field of diamonds