Lab Grown Diamonds: Explore Answers to Your Top Questions

August 28, 2023 . Bhanderi Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds: Explore Answers to Your Top Questions

Lab Grown Diamonds: Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Know Everything About Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab Grown diamonds have made a different aura in today’s Diamond Market. The glitz and the glam it carries in itself have made it a beloved gemstone by people worldwide. The trend and the hype are reaching the next level every other day.

Deciding and finalizing a diamond is not an easy task. The person buying it would have numerous doubts and confusion while choosing it because of the vast array of collections in shapes, sizes, and many other customization alternatives. Also, diamond fanatics today have another choice to select from other than a mined diamond or the ornaments based on it. With the growing science and advancement in techniques lab made diamonds surpass mined diamonds that are pulled from the surface of the Earth, causing an environmental and economic impact on Nature. Since the two of them have a lot in common, they do vary on a certain level of comparison. However, lab grown diamonds are almost nearly similar to natural diamonds having no visible distinction when seen by the naked eye. Even the gemologist would require certain professional equipment to find which one is a mined diamond or a lab created diamond.

Lab created diamonds are the rising spark in the world of diamonds. They shower an epitome and surreal beauty of love in themselves. They are so elegant and classic that they would surely go with any of your wardrobe collections. They wear a class in themselves, and therefore it is the absolute best choice to pick for all the purposes, be it everyday comfy wear to exquisite fine cluster for any occasion. Lab created diamonds are gaining popular choices for engagement rings and other ornaments purchases. But there are most often asked questions about Lab diamonds. We have listed why you should learn the facts before purchasing it for your loved ones!

Know about Lab Grown Diamonds Market Surge By The Year 2025

Lab Grown Diamonds: What Are They?

Lab created diamonds are man-made or cultivated diamonds. They are physically and optically the same as real diamonds derived from Mother Nature. They have the same chemical and atomic composition resulting in the same robustness, spark, and shine.

1. How Real Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Man made diamonds hold the same authenticity as naturally mined ones. The only difference is that mined diamonds are naturally pulled from the Earth's mantle surface. In contrast, the Lab made diamonds are created and grown in human-controlled environments or laboratories. They differ in the way of formation and origin.


2. How Are Lab Created Diamonds Grown?

There are two ways or methods to create a lab diamond: High Pressure and High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

The HPHT procedure imitates the naturally growing method of a diamond. Due to extreme degrees of heat and pressure exposed to the carbon molecule, a diamond is formed. Scientists impersonate the same conditions with the HPHT process by exposing a carbon molecule to immense heat and pressure within a human-controlled environment.

Chemical Vapor Deposition yields high-standard diamonds. The process of CVD Diamond includes initiating a gas such as methane or hydrogen into a vacuum chamber, where a diamond seed is already placed inside it. The sealed chamber is then heated to an extensive high temperature, exciting the natural gas and causing Lab grown diamond formation all around the diamond seed.


3. How Affordable Is Lab Created Diamonds From Mined Diamonds?

On average, Lab created diamonds are 40% cost-effective in pricing compared to natural diamonds.

4. The Distinction Between Lab Grown Diamond Vs. The Real

The formation and development origin of Lab created diamonds and mined diamonds is a strong distinction between them. They differ in their creation & place of origin.

5. Is Lab Grown Diamond The Same As Cubic Zirconia?

No lab created diamonds are not same as cubic zirconia. Lab created diamonds comprise carbon entirely, whereas cubic zirconia comprises no carbon. Also, they are much more fragile and have low performance and faceting patterns than lab created diamonds.


6. Is Synthetic Diamond The Same As Lab Grown Diamond?

Yes. Laboratory created diamonds can be termed synthetic diamonds, but that doesn't convey that they are not real or fake. The word synthetic implies they are developed through chemical procedures. So, for some instances, Lab created diamonds are referred to as synthetic diamonds.


7. Are Lab Grown Diamonds GIA Certified?

Yes. Lab grown diamonds are certified and graded by diamond grading labs and associations, including GIA. Other grading labs grade the authenticity and best quality of a diamond, such as IGI, ECL, AGS, and GCAL.

8. Do Lab Grown Diamonds Change Color Over Time?

No, that’s not true. Lab created diamonds never fade their quality or color over time with exposure to light or Air. They will always hold their natural spark and shine, just like the naturally mined diamond.

9.  How Much Time Does It Take To Create A Diamond In A Laboratory?

Depending on its size and variation in quality, standards, and color, it would probably take 7-18 days to create a 1-carat lab diamond.


10. Do Lab Created Test Positive On A Diamond Tester?

Yes, Lab created diamonds have the same thermic and galvanic conductivity as naturally mined diamonds, and therefore they will clear all tests measured on a diamond tester.


11. How Sustainable Are Lab Created Diamonds?

While some buyers are attracted to the beauty of the diamond and purchase it immediately, some are more concerned about the environmental friendliness and transparency towards Nature. However, Lab created diamonds are more than a sustainable choice in terms of environmental impact because they are nurtured in human-controlled laboratories rather than deep mining of the Earth’s surface, causing disturbance to Nature.


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We hope we were able to answer these frequently asked questions related to man-made diamonds. This will help you while purchasing lab made diamonds for your closed ones!

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