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Explore the New Man-made diamonds Horizon of CVD Diamonds with Us

Bhanderi CVD diamonds is proud to be an industry leader in the developing trend of using man-made diamonds through a CVD diamond process. As younger generations enter the workforce and begin purchasing CVD diamonds assets, engagement rings, man-made diamonds keepsakes, and other pieces, they are putting more and more distance between their pocketbooks and the conflict diamonds found in traditional mining.

CVD Diamonds Manufacturer CVD Diamonds Manufacturer
CVD Diamonds Manufacturer

Our promise to produce diamonds with perfection, safe for environment & that shine forever.

CVD Diamonds Manufacturer

Our commitment to provide diamonds of premium quality with state of the infrastructure.

CVD Diamonds Manufacturer

Our wish to engage with people & community and to take CVD to every household across the


Our CVD diamonds are exquisite gems that transform carbon into memorable pieces of man-made diamonds art through our CVD diamond process. Bhanderi CVD diamonds is an ideal company to collaborate with for distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and creators worldwide. Our cutting-edge premium lab equipment uses the latest technological CVD diamond process advancements to ensure a high-quality CVD diamonds product time and time again. Such CVD diamond process reliability enhances your supply chain so you can provide a stream of quality man-made diamonds raw materials to your clientele.

CVD Diamonds Manufacturer
Process & Technology

CVD Diamonds are composed of pure crystalline carbon. Growing Chemical Vapour Deposition Diamonds relies on a unique and innovative process. At BLGD, via our advanced CVD process, we are able to monitor the growth of the diamond, atom by atom, at the highest degree of purity. Our diamonds are manufactured with modern-day craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology using Chemical Vapor Deposition technology.