April 07, 2023

Among the 4 C's in a lab grown diamond - cut, color, clarity, and carat, the cut of the stone plays a significant role in determining its beauty and look.

March 30, 2023

Shining like a diamond in this era is one of the biggest revolutions. Lab grown diamond is a type of diamond produced by the manufacturing method. A genuine diamond with the help of a geological process gets extracted through mining.

March 27, 2023

Man made diamonds have been ruling the domain of diamond industry for quite some time now. With vital factors favoring them, their future is promising.

February 17, 2023

Check out our comprehensive guide on the working growth process of CVD diamond that will help you have core knowledge of sustainable alternatives.

February 09, 2023

There are so many factors involved in finding the perfect diamond for your jewelry. Beyond the 4C’s i.e., cut, color, carat, and clarity, you also have to consider whether to choose CVD Diamonds or Natural Diamonds.

November 30, 2022

Everything has a sustainable substitute these days and is also majorly in the spotlight, be it clothing, lifestyle, automobiles, or the jewelry industry (to be specific diamonds). Lab grown diamonds are surely making their presence felt worldwide in the domain of the jewelry industry.

November 11, 2022

The founder of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Robert M Shipley, introduced the 4 C's in 1953. This introduction brought uniformity and objective standards for jewelers and gemologists to grade and price diamonds. Although there are other grading systems, the GIA system is the most widespread in the world for lab grown diamonds.

November 02, 2022

People believe there is nothing like a diamond, but have you considered lab-grown diamonds? We cherish the sentiment behind diamonds, especially when they have been offered to you by your loved ones without whom you simply cannot live.

October 25, 2022

A standardized grading system, the diamond color scale evaluates the absence of hue in the gemstone. Introduced by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), diamonds are graded on the scale of D to Z, where D represents transparent diamonds.

October 12, 2022

We all know diamonds can accentuate our whole look from dull to glam within seconds. But not everyone can afford to buy this luxurious piece of stone. Thus, Lab grown diamonds are the new fashion in the market.

September 30, 2022

The full form of CVD is Chemical Vapor Deposition and is generally used to manufacture diamonds grown in this process mentioned above. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that the Carbon Vapour Deposition process is different from HPHT Diamonds (High Pressure High Temperature).

September 22, 2022

Purchasing a Diamond for your special one? Have no idea about how to get started or what it means to buy certified diamonds?

August 18, 2022

Lab grown diamond is assessed based on the same grading standards that are utilized in naturally extracted diamonds. Every piece of diamond acquires precise grades for cut, clarity, color, and carat. These are called the 4C’s of a diamond. So the bigger question is, who discovered the 4C's of a diamond? In 1953, the founder of the Gemological Institute of India, Robert M. Shipley, developed the 4C system.

July 26, 2022

A lab grown diamond is physically, chemically, and optically similar to a naturally mined gemstone. It exhibits the same sparkle and shines as your traditionally mined diamond.

June 29, 2022

The very definition of the precious gemstone is changing, all thanks to the new and upcoming jewelry advancements. Diamonds have been a great source of enchantment to an average individual. The lab-grown diamond category is slowly building its market share as the production and manufacturing are ramping up. More shoppers opt for lab-created gems, with the U.S. jewelry market being the largest by far for the products.

June 22, 2022

Real and Lab Grown diamonds have a similar appearance. Lab diamonds grow in labs using special equipment, and real diamonds take millions of years to grow. Of course, both are diamonds. The only thing that sets apart a natural diamond from lab grown diamonds is its source of origin.

June 16, 2022

The industry of natural diamonds has always been in some sort of conflict for its unfair practices and methods. The process of mining and extraction also puts unnecessary pressure on the earth as well as on physical labor. In such a scenario, it is quite natural that lab Grown Diamond will capture people’s attention due to their sustainability and eco-friendliness. The ever-growing problem of climatic change and disasters has forced us to focus on environmentally-friendly goods in all aspects of our lives.

June 09, 2022

Lab Grown diamonds have made a different aura in today’s Diamond Market. The glitz and the glam it carries in itself have made it a beloved gemstone by people worldwide. The trend and the hype are reaching the next level every other day.

June 08, 2022

Lab grown diamonds have been popular around for quite eventually now. The buzz, hype, and growing demand is reaching new levels each passing day. Choosing a diamond ain’t an easy task. It can be hectic and confusing and can create many questions as the diamond comes in various options, such as numerous sizes and shapes. Shopping for an engagement ring, promise ring, and wedding band can be an enormous feeling in this era. With such variations in shapes, styles, and sizes, opting for and finalizing one can be extremely difficult.

Market, Future and History Of Lab Grown Diamonds
May 31, 2022

Extracting natural diamonds from the earth is plagued by controversial practices and issues. Sixty-five percent of the world’s natural diamond is extracted from Africa. What makes mining diamonds unethical is forced labor, demanding conditions, and several other factors. Lab Grown Diamonds are grown in labs in a responsible way in an ethical environment with no forced labor involved. Lab diamonds are a more ethical and responsible choice. They do not cause any destruction or pollution to our mother earth.

The Future Of Lab Grown Diamond Industry In Upcoming Years
May 21, 2022

With the rise in the trend of sustainability, environmentally friendly, and eco-friendly products, lab grown diamonds are the future of the diamond industry

Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry Market Could Almost Double By 2025
May 20, 2022

Lab made diamonds are the new trend in the diamond industry and we can continuously see an upward curve in the adaption of diamonds made in laboratories.

How Are Lab Created Diamonds Compared To Real Diamonds?
May 19, 2022

The only difference between lab created diamonds and real diamonds is their place of origin. They have similar chemical, physical, and optical properties.

Cvd Diamonds The Newest Diamond
May 18, 2022

CVD or chemical vapor deposition diamonds are made in labs in an extremely controlled environment that replicates the naturally mined diamond growing process

The Impact Of Lab Grown Diamonds
May 17, 2022

The only difference between lab created diamonds and real diamonds is their place of origin. They have similar chemical, physical, and optical properties.

May 16, 2022

The 4 C’s of a diamond includes cut color, carat, and clarity. The 4c of diamonds plays a vital role in determining the beauty of the diamond. The grades allotted to a diamond in each 4c of diamonds determine its quality and the right price a consumer should pay for the diamond.

Lab Grown Diamonds: Are Eco-friendly Alternative
May 01, 2022

It’s a common proverb that diamonds are girls’ best friends. So if you get an option to afford diamonds that are cheaper and more eco-friendly, would not that be the best option for you? With the advent of new technology and new ideas, it is now possible to manufacture diamonds in labs. Man-made diamonds are an eco-friendly alternative compared to the traditional method of acquiring diamonds through mining. Man-made diamonds besides being an eco-friendly alternative are real diamonds. The only difference between lab grown and real diamonds is their place of origin.

What is the difference between natural and man made diamonds?
April 13, 2022

Man made diamonds have gained immense popularity in the past few years. They are a more feasible and practical choice when buying diamonds. However, there is still some distrust and doubt in some people before buying man made diamonds. Diamonds made in labs are also sometimes called "synthetic" diamonds. The "synthetic" diamonds do not exactly suit the notion of luxury and class that diamonds are usually associated with. However, take a few moments to acquaint yourself with the concept of man made diamonds. You might find yourself shocked and surprised by discovering the similarities between natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds.

Diamond grows in the lab- The best company in the US
March 22, 2022

Lab grown diamonds are created in laboratories, as the name implies. They are not mined or extracted out from the earth. lab grown diamonds take only ten to fifteen days to form depending on their color, carat, etc. They are made of real carbons, just like in real diamonds. However, lab grown diamonds are made with perfection and intricacy to mesmerize and soothe your soul. Even jewellers cannot distinguish between man made diamonds and real diamonds. Physically and chemically, they are identical.

Diamond grows in the lab- The best company in the US
March 06, 2022

Whether you are looking for a ring, earring, or necklace, a diamond is something that can take your jewelry-wearing experience to the next level. A woman can go from a simple to a glamorous look by just wearing dazzling gems. Diamond symbolizes commitment and is the best choice of gem for an engagement or even wedding jewelry. When you are looking forward to buying diamond jewelry and you have not heard about the lab-grown diamonds, then don't get confused. With an eye toward both economics and ecology, lab grown diamond manufacturer are attempting to improve upon these benefits while making an earth-friendly alternative. We can purchase better quality at lower prices with reduced ecological impact!

Diamond grows in the lab- The best company in the US
February 27, 2022

Lab-created diamonds are developed through the application of the procedure that results in the creation of the natural gems in the laboratory. The growth of the natural diamond takes place through exposure to intense heat as well as pressure. It is a natural process that takes over millions of years. It is capable of transforming carbon atoms into extremely beautiful and at the same time highly captivating gems that are considered diamonds. So, even during the man-made procedure, the same processes are created as the one that occurs naturally. However, the good thing is that the creation of man-made gems takes only a few weeks and not millions of years.

Diamond grows in the lab- The best company in the US
February 19, 2022

Diamonds are attractive with supernatural complexity in their style. Diamonds can be mined or manufactured in industry. Mined diamonds are different from manufactured ones. Due to the trending seasonal technology, the manufactured diamond in USA company made it possible. The design structure of lab-grown diamonds is different as compared to the normal ones. CVD diamonds has come up with unique power and texture which will amaze you after having it. Know more about diamonds grown in labs and how USA company is best in it below.

Complete Guide of Diamond Clarity
February 12, 2022

Most of the women out there love adorning diamonds while so many men would want to gift their loving ones a piece of diamond jewelry. Diamonds have been a great jewelry option for many. But have you ever thought about the clarity of those diamonds. Do you know that they are completely pure and are worth the money that you are spending on them?

A Dream to Reality Lab Created Diamonds
January 27, 2022

Many women out there have a dream to wear diamonds. They are accessible to only privileged people and are nothing but a dream for some. But now things have changed a lot. Thanks to the internet, people are getting access to various types of things they never knew existed and one such thing is lab created diamonds. No one knew about it earlier other than the industrial people. But, now they are replacing the natural diamonds in the middle class with upper-middle-class households.

10 things you should know about Lab grown diamonds
January 01, 2022

The lab-grown diamond is a type of diamond that is being manufactured in context with the natural diamond extracted by the process of mining or geological sector. The diamond is made of lab-grown stones and therefore exists for a long period. As compared to the real diamond structure lab-grown diamond is expensive and therefore one of the best features to have a valuable product. The Lab Grown Diamonds guide as provided in this blog has a look below.

What is the difference between lab-created and mined diamonds?
December 07, 2021

Some diamonds take the old route, made deep in the Earth over billions of years, and stay underground until humans mine the Earth for their crystals. But some diamonds use a very complex, surprising journey; lab-created diamonds are grown in a lab.

November 15, 2020

Diamonds are the stones that become mouthpieces of love feelings. In addition, they are the perfect gift for beloved ones on the eve of engagements, weddings, and similar occasions. However, the mining of diamonds is causing a lot of harm to nature. Thus, came in the lab-created diamonds.