Top 5 Facts About Lab Created Diamonds

February 27, 2022

Process of the synthesis of lab diamonds

Lab-created diamonds are developed through the application of the procedure that results in the creation of the natural gems in the laboratory. The growth of the natural diamond takes place through exposure to intense heat as well as pressure. It is a natural process that takes over millions of years. It is capable of transforming carbon atoms into extremely beautiful and at the same time highly captivating gems that are considered diamonds. So, even during the man-made procedure, the same processes are created as the one that occurs naturally. However, the good thing is that the creation of man-made gems takes only a few weeks and not millions of years.

Lab grown diamonds are available in many hues and designs

Diamonds are available in many distinctive varieties. Such cultural gems are available in several fancy colors. The gem colors are quite rare in nature. It is also including some of the extremely popular shades for example the vivid fancy yellow color. Even the cost of the lab diamonds is reasonable in comparison to their natural counterparts.

The lab-created diamonds are the cultured ones that mirror the natural gems. Since the diamonds comprises of the structures of carbon atoms and thus, even the lab-created diamonds possess similar chemical and physical characteristics just like the natural crystals that are being produced under the geographical conditions in the earth’s crust. The price of lab diamonds is generally lesser in comparison to natural ones. The price of synthetic gems continues to drop to the extent of 30% annually. This makes it affordable for people who want to buy the gem and have a low budget to invest.

If you want to know some facts about lab diamonds, then just keep on reading the blog below:

The distinction between lab created diamonds vs natural stimulants

One of the major distinctions between the lab created gems and diamond stimulants are that the simulants look similar to diamonds. However, they are not carbon crystals. At the same time, the simulants are not posing similar physical and chemical characteristics to natural diamonds. It is due to this reason that they are all set at a low cost in comparison to the synthetic gems. However, the stimulants can be distinguished from the synthetic gems only through the naked eyes.

Benefits of lab created diamonds

The gem which is created in the lab is as real as the mined one. Also, synthetic diamonds are of better quality. Choose Best Lab Created Diamond Manufacturer. This is due to the reason that they are produced in extremely controlled conditions and also through the fully monitoring production process.

Some of the main benefits of the lab grown diamonds are:

  • Synthetic diamonds are beautiful
  • They are better quality, brighter with high purity
  • Affordability
  • Eco friendly
  • Widest array of shades that are specifically not found in the natural gems
  • Created through the sustainable process

Certification and grading of the lab grown diamond

Another truth about lab created diamonds is that they are certified in the independent gem laboratory through the experts. Even the procedure of grading and certification of the synthetic diamond is similar to the natural one. it is focusing on the parameters of the cut, clarity, carat as well as the color of the gemstone. It is the cut which is imparting brilliance to the gem and is undeniably one of the most crucial factors. As far as the clarity is concerned, it signifies the appearance, and whether there is the presence of cracks or any defects in the gemstone.

While referencing the clear gemstone when there is a lack of color, it will significantly be making the high-grade gem. As far as the carat is concerned, it signifies the measure of the size as well as the weight of the gemstone. Every lab-created diamond is being evaluated carefully and accordingly assigned a quality rating. Find Top Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturer. A piece of synthetic diamond undeniably is always a wonderful gift for yourself or your loved one. Since diamonds are extremely versatile gems and thus, they can be worn either as everyday wear or even for special occasions. When you choose to invest in lab-grown diamonds, you can stay rest assured that you will be investing in a premium grade and stunning piece of jewelry that is produced in an ethical, sustainable, and environmentally friendly manner.

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