The sustainability of Lab Grown Diamond

June 16, 2022

Lab Grown Diamond – Is It Really Sustainable?

A Brief Discussion Of The Sustainability Of Lab Diamonds

The industry of natural diamonds has always been in some sort of conflict for its unfair practices and methods. The process of mining and extraction also puts unnecessary pressure on the earth as well as on physical labor. In such a scenario, it is quite natural that lab Grown Diamond will capture people’s attention due to their sustainability and eco-friendliness. The ever-growing problem of climatic change and disasters has forced us to focus on environmentally-friendly goods in all aspects of our lives.

Inger Anderson, the executive director of UN's Environment Programme, says that nature is trying to send some indication with the ongoing pandemic. Since we have put so much pressure on mother earth, we are now facing some damaging consequences. Under extreme circumstances, diamonds that grow inside the earth take millions of years to form. Such extreme circumstances happen once in a while. When we extract these natural resources from the earth, we deplete them and finish our finite and precious resources. However, when you choose a sustainable lab grown diamonds, they are more ethical when compared to natural diamonds and might even save you some money. Diamonds grown in laboratories are almost 25 to 40 per cent less costly than naturally extracted diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamond has been sourced ethically and is grown in a controlled environment that mimics the conditions of the earth. Growing diamonds in Labs is done without harming the environment and without exploiting any physical labor. Lab Grown Diamonds do not cause any air, water, or soil pollution and help us protect our environment. The flora and fauna of the place remain completely protected. They are good both for our environment and for our wallets. It is now possible to own this shiny piece of luxury and grace without emptying our banks and budget.

Let Us Discuss Why Lab Grown Diamond Is Good For The Environment –

Lab grown Diamond is considered very environmentally friendly when compared to natural diamonds. You must have this question in mind that is Lab Grown Diamond real? The answer is Yes (obviously!). They are 100% real diamonds made of real carbon. Although there is a difference in the origin of Lab diamond and Natural diamond, they are still very much real! Let us understand why Lab Grown diamond is considered more sustainable when compared to its natural counterpart –

Lab Grown Diamond Does Not Cause Any Destruction To The Environment

Lab made diamond is not extracted or mined from the earth. Instead, they are grown through technological advancements in Laboratories. Lab created diamond is created in an ethical way that does not have any direct or indirect impact on the earth.

Mining diamonds from the earth have been causing irreversible damage to our mother earth. As per research, roughly 1750 tonnes of earth have to be dug out to mine a 1.0ct diamond. Some mining diamonds companies follow environmental codes and ensure that the area is filled back. However, it is practically impossible to fill up the pit to its initial state. Mining also produces a lot of excess waste rock, soil, and sand that accumulate in the immediate areas. It becomes vital to manage this waste and rehabilitate it. But when diamonds are grown in laboratories, no such problem occurs. They are grown in a safe and regulated environment.

It Does Not Pollute Other Natural Resources

Lab grown diamonds do not pollute the resources such as air or water, but this is not the case with natural diamonds. Mining one carat of diamond requires almost 127 gallons of freshwater; billions of gallons of water are adulterated with acid mine runoff. Also, it causes 143 pounds of air pollution and consumes countless gallons of fossil fuels. The extraction of natural diamonds leads to flooding, drought, and deforestation.

Lab created diamond is grown in small chambers in a safe environment that produces negligible waste. Even the waste produced during the process is recycled and disposed of using methods that are not harmful to the environment. The emissions and energy usage are negligible during the manufacturing process of man made diamonds.

Does Not Disrupts The Natural Habitat

No plants or animals are harmed during the entire growing process of Lab Grown Diamond. The biodiversity, natural habitat, and ecology are completely safe and sound. When a large company decides to start mining for diamonds in a place, flora and fauna of the environment are directly impacted. So when you purchase diamonds that are grown without negatively impacting the environment, you fulfil your responsibility towards your mother earth.

Lab Grown Diamond Is Grown In A Safe And Controlled Environment

The only reason Lab grown diamond is rapidly gaining a lot of attention is that they care about the environment. Their only motive is to eliminate the damages and provide a superior-quality diamond to their consumers. BLGD, too is here to promote the importance of protecting our environment. We strongly believe that the earth is our home, and we need to protect it. Lab made diamonds give us the perfect opportunity to satisfy our desire to wear something elegant and be responsible.

Lab Created Diamond Manufacturer and CVD diamonds manufacturer is your go-to alternative if you want to be socially responsible. They are considered real diamonds, and you cannot differentiate between natural and lab created diamonds. It helps fulfil the unlimited wants of humans without disturbing the ecological system. Getting sustainable diamonds at a cost-effective price will help you get dual happiness. One, you are fulfilling your responsibilities, and two, it is not hugely affecting your bank balance. Thus, you are pretty much getting the best of both worlds! Shop from our collection of lab made diamonds today!

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