The Future Of Lab Grown Diamond Industry In Upcoming Years

May 21, 2022

What Do You Mean By Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are made in labs in an environment that replicates the growing process of the mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are made through two processes, namely Carbon vapour deposition (CVD) and High Pressure and High Temperature. lab grown diamonds USA are physically, chemically, and optically similar to naturally mined diamonds. Lab made diamonds are worthier and more budget-friendly than naturally mined diamonds. It is estimated that almost 70% of the population aged between 21 to 40 years prefer buying lab made diamonds in place of mined diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are nonpolluting and environmentally friendly. Mined diamonds disrupt 100 square feet of land and produce 6000 lbs of mineral waste. However, lab grown diamonds disrupt 0.07 square feet of land and 1 lb of mineral waste. So now you can decide which one is the more responsible choice. There is no difference between lab made diamonds and man made diamonds except for their place of origin. lab made diamonds will give you a higher value than mined diamonds for the price paid by you.

Lab Grown Diamond Industry Is Entering A New Phase

Lab grown diamonds are often referred to as 'synthetic diamonds, which is not technically wrong. However, man made diamonds should not be referred to as 'synthetic diamonds since they are identical to mined diamonds except for their place of origin. The lab made diamonds have entered the phase of growth. The demand for lab made diamonds is rising day by day. The rising demand is because diamonds made in labs are perfect and devoid of any inclusions, whereas naturally mined diamonds contain a lot of blemishes and inclusions.

Apart from being eco-friendly and too perfect in appearance, there is one more added benefit associated with lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamond prices are 20-30% less expensive than mined diamonds when we talk about them. Lab made diamonds also come under strict rules and regulations since they are made in laboratories.

Lab grown diamonds do not disrupt 100 square feet of land or do not produce 6000 lbs of mineral waste like mined diamonds and thus, are very environmentally friendly. Also, lab made diamonds last longer than natural diamonds. In every sense, it is profitable to invest in the lab made diamonds rather than naturally mined diamonds.

Millennials Are Making A More Responsible Choice

The millennials of this generation are very wise and intelligent in their choices. They want a level of transparency and authenticity in everything they purchase. So when it comes to diamonds, which require quite a bit of their investment, they become a very conscious buyer. The benefit that millennials get by buying lab grown diamonds is that they know the origin of the diamond. Millennials are aware that they are the future of this world. Thus, they prefer buying cruelty-free diamonds made in a process that does not harm the environment.

The diamond industry has always been in some conflict due to the harm it causes to the environment. (For reference, see blood diamond featuring Leonardo DiCaprio). Diamonds made in labs cut out the hazardous and difficult task of mining. Other than that, man made diamonds add a touch of class and sophistication and will earn you a lot of compliments. Lab made diamonds are also cheaper and within your means than mined diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamonds Are The Future Of The Diamonds

With the rise in the trend of sustainability and environmentally friendly products, lab made diamonds are the future of the diamond industry. Here are a few reasons why we can see that the trend of lab grown diamonds will become more popular in the coming years –

  1. Naturally, mined diamonds take millions and millions to form. They are limited in number and are brought to the earth's surface under very special circumstances. In addition, natural diamonds have to be mined from the earth. However, lab made diamonds are made in a few days depending on the color and carat of the diamond. They are made in an extremely controlled environment and do not harm the environment.
  2. Mining diamonds cause a lot of noise, air, and soil pollution. Apart from disrupting hundreds of square feet of land, it also produces mineral waste. But lab grown diamonds do not produce any waste. They are very eco-friendly and nonpolluting. No pollution is caused, or any land disruption occurs while producing diamonds in labs.
  3. Natural diamonds break into toxic chemicals such as cyanide. But this is not the case with lab made diamonds. Man made diamonds are 100% authentic and 100% safe for human use.
  4. Lab grown diamonds can be made in labs in a very short period. They are not rare and can be made in unlimited quantities. But natural diamonds are rare. They are bought to earth only under very special circumstances. Therefore, lab made diamonds are 20-30% cheaper than natural diamonds. Buying man made diamonds will not break your bank and will be within your means.
  5. One can customize diamonds made in labs according to one's needs and preferences. Every individual has their taste and diamonds. With the rising population and the introduction of new fashion every day, people's desires are also changing. Thus, man made diamonds are more flexible in comparison to mined diamonds.
  6. Lab grown diamonds will add a touch of class and sophistication to your outlook. They are unique and perfect. CVD diamonds are transparent and colorless. They do not contain any imperfectness and appear pure and authentic to the naked eye. Its beauty will shine on whatever outfit you decide to pair it with. The purity and perfectness of man made diamonds will make you feel like a thousand bucks!

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