Lab Grown Diamonds: Are Eco-friendly Alternative

May 01, 2022

It’s a common proverb that diamonds are girls’ best friends. So if you get an option to afford diamonds that are cheaper and more eco-friendly, would not that be the best option for you? With the advent of new technology and new ideas, it is now possible to manufacture diamonds in labs. Man-made diamonds are an eco-friendly alternative compared to the traditional method of acquiring diamonds through mining. Man-made diamonds besides being an eco-friendly alternative are real diamonds. The only difference between lab grown and real diamonds is their place of origin.

Diamonds made in labs are manufactured in an extremely controlled environment that mimics the conditions going in the earth’s crust. Man-made diamonds are an eco-friendly alternative and are more ecologically sound. Apart from creating zero air pollution for our beautiful planet earth, it does not take millions of years to form. Gone are the days when diamonds took millions and millions to form and thus were sold at a very high price. Man-made diamonds, an eco-friendly alternative are ready in a week or two depending upon their color, carat, etc. They are more worthy in quality and clarity. Thus, Man-made diamonds apart from being an eco-friendly alternative, also offers a greater value than real diamonds of the exact size, carat, etc.

How To Make Lab Grown Diamond?

Diamonds made in labs, an eco-friendly alternative are manufactured in the same environment that mimics the earth’s crust but in labs. Lab- grown diamonds are often manufactured through two processes namely chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and high pressure, high-temperature diamonds (HPHT).

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)-

In the chemical vapor deposition process, a "seed" diamond, which is a very thin piece of diamond, is taken in which the crystalline structure of the diamond has already been formed. This "seed" diamond comprises pure carbon. The "seed" diamond is then placed in a vacuum where carbon molecules fuse with the diamond seed. The entire chemical vapor deposition process takes a maximum of 10-15 days. Fast and technological, diamonds made in labs are hence an eco-friendly alternative.

High Pressure, High-Temperature Diamonds (HPHT) –

High pressure, high-temperature diamonds (HPHT) are manufactured when a "seed" diamond is put into carbon. The "seed" diamond is then subjected to high heat and pressure. Choose Best Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturer. The carbon then starts softening and the diamond starts organizing around the seed. The material is then cooled and a rough diamond is formed. The rough diamond is then cut and polished and studded into jewelry. Thus both these processes of manufacturing diamonds are very technological friendly. Man-made diamonds thus provide us with an eco-friendly alternative to owning more affordable diamonds.

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Man-made diamonds are an eco-friendly alternative and are more ecologically sound. Lab grown diamonds provide higher value if not less than diamonds mined from the earth. Since they do not take millions of years to form, the additional costs required to mine diamonds from the earth are cut down. Lab grown diamonds are manufactured in labs and take a maximum of 10 days to form. Thus lab grown diamonds are an eco-friendly alternative. We all know that there is only a limited amount of diamonds available inside the earth’s crust. The unique circumstances in which it is formed make it rarer. Plus the labor and time involved in mining the diamond from the earth’s crust add to its cost. It takes the same amount of price to cut, polish, and inspect a real diamond and lab grown diamond. Also, find lab-created diamonds. The real price differentiation occurs because it does not have to be mined from the earth. Man-made diamonds and real diamonds have almost the same chemical compositions. They both are considered authentic.

However, lab grown diamonds are an eco-friendly alternative given that no pollution is caused and it does not cause depletion of the earth’s resources. Our earth resources remain intact and are not compromised for our own needs. Lab grown diamonds provide an eco-friendly alternative for us to satisfy our cravings for owning this shiny piece of object. Diamonds have always been the epitome of luxury and lab-grown diamonds provide us with the beautiful opportunity of buying diamonds at a more affordable rate. Lab grown diamonds, an eco-friendly alternative allows everyone to choose a gemstone that is produced in a way that does not harm the environment but is also available at a cheaper rate.

Lab Grown Diamonds – Better And A More Affordable Choice –

Diamonds are considered the hardest material on earth. The lab grown diamonds besides being an eco-friendly alternative are made of carbons just like diamonds mined from the earth. Therefore they too are difficult to break just like real diamonds. The lab grown diamonds, an eco-friendly alternative, and real diamonds are graded similarly. Thus, we can say that the difference between the 4 C’s namely cut, clarity, color, and carat between real diamonds and lab grown diamonds is almost negligible. Sometimes lab grown diamonds are also referred to as synthetic diamonds. However, it is wrong to call a lab grown diamond synthetic diamond as they are made of real carbons just like real diamonds are made of. The lab grown diamonds will be at par with the diamonds mined from the earth when it will come to their cut, transparency, and overall quality of the diamond.

The lab grown diamonds are also considered 100% authentic and original just like real diamonds. You can say that an average person or even most the jewelers will not be able to identify the difference between a real diamond and lab grown diamond. Lab grown diamonds are devoid of any inclusions, are better polished, and provide better transparency than a real diamond. Thus, lab grown diamonds besides being an eco-friendly alternative is comparatively a better choice than real diamonds.

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