How Are Lab Created Diamonds Compared To Real Diamonds?

May 19, 2022

Lab created diamonds have gained a lot of hype, positivity, and trend in recent years. Its rising trend among the millennials has created alot of buzz in recent years. So, if you are confused about which one to choose between lab created diamonds or real diamonds, we are here to clear all your confusion and worries.

The Primary Difference Between Lab Created Diamonds And Real Diamonds

As the name suggests, lab created diamonds are made in laboratories, and real diamonds are mined from the earth. The difference in origin is the only basic difference between lab created diamonds and real diamonds. Like real diamonds, lab created diamonds are available in every cut, shape, and size. If you place a lab made and mined diamond together, it will be virtually impossible to tell the difference between them. Lab created diamonds, and real diamonds also have similar physical, chemical, and optical properties.

However, although they are similar in every aspect, there is a huge difference in the price and overall desirability of lab created vs. natural diamonds.

Naturally mined diamonds are created by nature due to high pressure and high temperature and take billions of years to form. Lab created diamonds are made in laboratories and often take a few weeks to form, depending on the carat and size of the diamond. There is a tiny chemical difference between them as lab made diamonds do not have the presence of nitrogen, whereas naturally mined diamonds contain small traces of nitrogen. However, the US Federal Trade Commission has acknowledged lab made diamonds as "real" diamonds made of carbon.

Can You Differentiate Between Lab Created Diamonds And Real Diamonds?

There is no visible difference between diamonds made in labs and mined diamonds from the earth. Even a professional gemologist will need special equipment to differentiate between lab made diamonds and real diamonds. Only when a gemologist magnifies both the diamonds can one see the contrast between the inclusions of diamonds made in labs and diamonds mined from the earth.

The best way to know the difference between lab made diamonds, and real diamonds is to see the certification of the diamonds provided by the jewelers. Jewelers are responsible for declaring the diamonds as lab made or natural. It is important to pay attention to the certification as it has a significant impact on the price of the diamond. Other than that, no one call tell the difference that you are wearing a diamond made in labs or a naturally mined diamond.

Should You Go For Lab Created Diamonds Or Real Diamonds?

So if there is no difference between lab made diamonds or mined diamonds, which one should you choose? If you only care about appearance, it does not matter if you choose either one of them. However, some other factors come into consideration while buying a diamond, such as the price of the diamond, its sustainability, and various other things. Let us discuss various other factors which influence the decision when one buys a diamond.

The Price Of The Stone.

There is a significant difference in the price of lab created diamonds and real diamonds. Lab made diamonds are more cost-effective and budget-friendly. The high price of the natural diamond is due to its limited supply, and the availability of the diamond is very scarce. However, there is no limit in supply when it comes to lab made diamonds. Lab made diamonds eliminate the cost of mining, labor, and every other cost related to extracting the diamonds from the earth. No mining coupled with an unlimited supply makes lab made diamonds very cost-effective and within your means.

Eco-Friendly And Sustainability.

When diamonds are mined from the earth, it causes a lot of soil, air, and noise pollution. Disturbance of 100 square feet of land coupled with the production of 6000 lbs of mineral waste makes mining diamonds a very polluting affair. Also, mining causes injury of 1 labor for every 1000 people working. All of this gets eliminated when you buy diamonds made in labs. It does not cause any pollution and is very environmentally friendly and ecologically sound. No labor is hurt in the process. Lab created diamonds are mostly preferred by millennials since they believe in making a more responsible choice. Lab made diamonds are the perfect choice if you believe in keeping your earth clean and green.

The Brilliant Spark Of The Lab Created Diamonds.

Lab made diamonds have the same spark and shine as naturally mined diamonds. Since lab created diamonds and real diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties, they both have the same glimmer and glow. Lab grown diamonds are very durable and are made of crystals; thus they do not get cloudy after some time. If a film buildup happens over time, one can easily clear a lab grown diamond with soap and water. Say goodbye to the days when you had to spend huge bucks to afford a shiny piece of diamond. Lab diamonds will give you the same glitter and glint at a much more cost-effective price.

The 4 C’s of a diamond that is cut, color, clarity, and carat influence the overall quality of a diamond. The 4 C's are identical in lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds. They are an eco-friendly alternative and are also as durable and authentic as mined diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has graded lab grown diamonds since 20027. Other grading institutes such as IGI or GCAL also provide full grading reports of diamonds made in labs. Lab grown diamonds are seeing a rising trend in the diamond industry. Its stark similarity with mined diamonds and its budget-friendly price and eco-friendly nature will increase its market share in the upcoming years.

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