Cvd Diamonds The Newest Diamond Trend In The Market

May 18, 2022

What Exactly Are CVD Diamonds?

CVD means Chemical Vapor Deposition diamonds. They have also been known as CVD lab grown diamonds. CVD lab grown Diamonds came into existence some ten years ago when scientists devised a technology to manufacture diamonds with the same chemical composition as mined diamonds using minimal effort and time.

Diamonds are the epitome of luxury, class, and elegance. Diamonds take millions and millions of years to form and are mined out under extraordinary circumstances. The unique conditions in which a natural diamond is formed naturally make diamonds a precious stone. This scarcity compelled scientists to invent a technology to produce diamonds with the same physical and chemical characteristics as mined diamonds. The CVD lab grown diamonds are more environmentally friendly and ecologically sound. CVD Diamonds have the added benefit of being more affordable and have the same shine and sparkle as mined diamonds. CVD Diamonds are a more responsible and sustainable choice!

How Are CVD Diamonds Produced?

CVD Diamonds are made in labs. In the Chemical Vapor Deposition process of manufacturing diamonds, a diamond 'seed' is placed inside a closed space. The diamond 'seed' is then subjected to around 800 degrees, a very high temperature. Gas rich in carbon is ingested in the mixture. The gas mainly consists of hydrogen and methane. The gases break their molecular bonds through ionization. The breakage of molecular bonds makes pure carbon secure with the diamond 'seed'. As the carbon fixes itself with the diamond 'seed', it forms bonds of the atom with the 'seed' diamond. The atomic bond helps in the formation of new diamonds. The diamonds formed have the same physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds. CVD lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds are similar in every aspect other than their place of origin.

How Much Time Do CVD Diamonds Require To Grow?

In CVD Diamonds, carbon atoms fix themselves to the diamond 'seed' layer by layer. The fixing of the carbon atoms helps form beautiful, alluring diamonds, both a scientific marvel and object d’ art. However, the formation of CVD Diamonds takes place slowly. CVD Diamonds move at a speed of 0.1-10 microns per hour for larger surfaces. It generally takes almost a month for one carat of CVD Diamonds to form.

Are CVD Diamonds And Real Diamonds Identical?

CVD diamonds are made in labs. Although they are manufactured in labs, CVD lab grown diamonds and naturally mined diamonds have similar characteristics. CVD lab grown diamonds consist of carbon atoms and natural gas, just like mined diamonds.

In addition to the carbon atoms and natural gas, the physical and optical features of CVD lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds are similar. CVD lab grown diamonds have the same durability and spark as naturally mined diamonds. Although they both have different origins, chemical vapor deposition diamonds and naturally mined diamonds are identical.

Can You Identify CVD Diamonds?

Chemical vapor deposition diamonds and naturally mined diamonds have the same composition. They both are made of carbon. Therefore, it is impossible to differentiate between CVD lab grown diamonds and naturally mined diamonds. Even the most experienced gemologist cannot differentiate between CVD Diamonds and mined diamonds. They are similar and exhibit the same characteristics. The durability, strength, appearance, and composition are similar to Chemical vapor deposition diamonds and naturally mined diamonds. However, specific indicators in CVD lab grown diamonds are visible only under a microscope. An expert jeweler can only differentiate between lab grown and mined diamonds by viewing these indicators in a microscope.

Why Choose CVD Diamonds?

Price :

Chemical vapor deposition diamond is more affordable and budget-friendly. It only takes a month for one carat of CVD to form. No additional cost of mining is also involved. It can be produced in large amounts and can be produced anytime. Naturally formed diamonds take millions and millions of years to form in the earth's crust and are brought to the earth's surface under exceptional circumstances. Also, mined diamonds are very scarce. All of this culminates in an increase in the price of the diamond. However, with the introduction of CVD lab grown diamonds made in a highly controlled environment, everyone can now afford to buy diamonds without breaking their bank.

Quality Of The Lab Grown CVD Diamonds

BLGD is one of the most famous CVD Diamonds manufacturers in the USA. The quality of CVD lab grown diamonds are identical to naturally mined diamonds. Chemical vapor deposition diamonds have the same sparkle, shine, and glow as mined diamonds and have the same durability. Like mined diamonds, CVD lab grown diamonds are tough to break. They are also free of any inclusions. These diamonds appear perfectly colorless devoid of any blemishes. No imperfection is visible to the naked eye. Chemical vapor deposition diamonds exhibit the same class, grace, shine, and elegance as natural diamonds. Although CVD diamonds are made in labs, the quality of diamonds is never compromised.

Environmentally Friendly

Mining diamonds put a lot of unnecessary pressure on our environment. Mining depletes our natural resources and causes a lot of noise, air, and soil pollution. Also, extortion of physical labor is a common phenomenon in mining. Since CVD is made in labs, no mining is required. No depletion of resources occurs, and no pollution is caused. CVD lab grown diamonds are made in labs in a closed space under a highly controlled environment. Thus, they are an eco-friendly alternative and very sustainable. No harm is caused to our environment, and the process is very ecologically sound. We are the future of our mother earth, and thus it is our responsibility to make more responsible choices. lab grown diamonds are thus a wiser and an informed choice.

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