Choosing lab grown diamonds are better for the planet

November 30, 2022

Lab Grown Diamonds: Choosing A Sustainable Lifestyle

Everything has a sustainable substitute these days and is also majorly in the spotlight, be it clothing, lifestyle, automobiles, or the jewelry industry (to be specific diamonds). Lab grown diamonds are surely making their presence felt worldwide in the domain of the jewelry industry.

All thanks to the advanced technology, as the term suggests, these diamonds are man-made and share the same properties as their mined counterparts. More and more millennials are embracing these lab diamonds, thereby taking a stand for ethical practices toward the environment. Moreover, the steep rise in sustainable alternatives has led to enormous growth in the industry.

Natural resources, indigenous communities, beautiful nature, and wildlife on earth are often taken for granted. Humankind has used up resources and has limited ways of replenishing those resources. Regarding the jewelry industry, we are glad that lab made diamonds are available as planet-friendly, conflict-free alternatives for consumers.

Although there are many reasons to love and choose lab diamonds, we share a few important ones to help you better understand.

The Environmental Benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds

With the world becoming aware of the Facts of lab grown diamonds, they have emerged as the new symbol of love and commitment. Let us now discuss why they are better for the environment and, thereby, good for the planet.

  1. Less Energy Consumption

    Air pollution and water consumption are major issues already negatively impacting the planet, but mining diamonds has made the matter worse. According to the research, to extract a 1-carat earth-mined diamond, nearly 1,750 tons of planet needs to be extracted.

    Earlier, the average diamond center stone size was approx. 0.30ct, whereas in today's market, the average has jumped to 1.25ct center stone. Simply put, this change in stone size will eventually lead to more extraction, harming the environment.

    Also, according to Environmental Impact Assessment 2014, lab-grown diamonds' water usage is 7 times lesser than water used for excavating mined diamonds. Moreover, a lab diamond produces 0.028 grams of carbon emission/ carat in terms of air pollution. On the other hand, natural diamonds produce 37,000 grams of carbon emissions/ carat.

    When comparing both of them, you will observe that impact of lab grown diamonds is much lesser than that of their mined counterparts.

  2. No Harm To Wildlife Or Resources

    In some of the diamond mining regions across the globe, miners have been known to reroute rivers and dams, exposing riverbeds to mining. As a result, causing adverse effects on marine life and wildlife.

    In Zimbabwe, experts found high levels of nickel and chromium were being dumped in the river by nearby diamond mining manufacturers. Also, when the sample of water was tested, it was found that cattle were dying and locals bathing in the rivers were developing rashes on their bodies.

    It is obvious to note that when natural ecosystems are disturbed, serious ecological impacts are likely to happen. With lab grown diamonds, there is never a threat or interference to wildlife because the laboratories can be built anywhere.

  3. Conflict- Free Diamonds

    People are concerned about how natural diamonds affect the environment because of the mining process but mining also requires environmental and humanitarian repercussions. Diamond mining and exploration definitely disrupt the lives of native tribes and the regional economy.

    Lab diamonds are conflict-free and less controversial as skilled and qualified professionals in high-end laboratories produce them. Therefore, there is no question about their manufacturing origin or process. When you are buying conflict-free lab-grown diamonds, there are no negative humanitarian impacts.

Deciding to get a lab made diamond is ultimately a personal choice. Nowadays, many people do not want jewelry that has possible blood diamonds, so lab diamonds are great alternatives to get the same look while knowing it is grown ethically. At Bhanderi – A top lab grown diamond manufacturer, we believe that buying diamonds is an emotional purchase and that is where its true value lies.

When you buy a lab created diamond from us, you are contributing towards the future of a sustainable lifestyle and the betterment of the planet.

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