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June 29, 2022

Why should you choose BLGD for a CVD Lab Grown Diamond?

The very definition of the precious gemstone is changing, all thanks to the new and upcoming jewelry advancements. Diamonds have been a great source of enchantment to an average individual. The lab-grown diamond category is slowly building its market share as the production and manufacturing are ramping up. More shoppers opt for lab-created gems, with the U.S. jewelry market being the largest by far for the products. Lab grown diamonds are potentially finding their space in the market with the wide acceptance by the general public over natural mined diamonds. The U.S. diamond market has witnessed steady growth in the past few years and is forecasted to further grow in the upcoming years. The market is expected to be operated by various growth-amplifying factors such as the increasing number of online buyers, surging urban population, growing female population, increasing number of smartphone users, etc.

According to New York-based Industry Researcher, the lab grown diamond market is expected to grow by US$4 billion by 2025. The rising surge has also penetrated the market due to significant differences in the price of natural mined diamonds. It is also said that it is even possible to sell Lab Grown diamond more than naturally mined diamonds. Moreover, it is believed that lab grown diamonds will occupy most of the fashion-jewelry trends than any other jewels available in the market.

As lab grown diamond is becoming recognized, more celebrities are starting to wear the trending lab grown diamond jewels in rings, ornaments, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc., on the red-carpet appearance. Many of the celebs are eco-friendly environment activists and human rights activists who are observed flaunting their statements lab grown diamonds.

To ensure the high-quality precision of a lab created diamond, Bhanderi follows a consistent process and is incorporated with powerful automation procedures to craft a diamond. Continue to read on for complete knowledge of our laboratory-created beautiful diamonds.

A guide to BLGD’s Lab Created Diamonds

With Bhanderi’s lab created diamonds, experience the pure crystallized and polished gemstone. Buying a diamond is one of life's special and memorable moments as it often signifies an expression of love. Let’s take a deep dive into the world of diamonds that we have established over the years. Our expert team of craftsmen with hardcore efforts and specialized machinery work into two of the most important diamond segments: rough diamonds and polished diamonds. Because we come from the age group of professionals, we firmly believe in the quality, value, and precision of crafting while creating and developing a single unique diamond.

Raw Lab crafted Diamonds

The diamond created in the laboratory is in its original form and state, called a rough diamond. It is purely in the raw form, which has not been cut or polished and often seems to be a regular gem or a dirty piece of glass. However, the raw diamond in itself is a pure form of beauty that needs a touch of a man. Lab created rough diamonds can come in various colors and shapes with little or no shine. Though, it has a lot of impurities when cultivated that need to be cut, scanned, and polished later.

The raw diamond that we produce is pure crystallized carbon or a diamond seed placed in the latest cutting-edge technology machines and lab pieces of equipment. The diamond seed is exposed to advanced environmental procedures to craft superior-high-quality raw diamond. When working with raw lab diamonds, you contribute to conserving valuable environmental resources. Moreover, the raw diamond that we handicraft are created through a life cycle that is relatively shorter than digging the riverbed of the Earth’s Surface to extract a natural diamond.

Polished Lab Made Diamonds

Our skilled craftsmen follow conventional and contemporary lab grown diamond polishing procedures and methods to deliver the best work of art. Our diamond polishing process amalgamates the power of advancement in machinery, natural beauty, and artistic craftsmen. The polishing process uses consistent, automatic monitoring and control panels to make them reliable and accurate to perfection. Our ability to scale reliably has actively leveraged our geographic location in manufacturing, supplying, and distributing across the globe.

Polished diamonds are the gems that undergo processing irrespective of the connection to their external features such as shapes or sizes. In order to bring out the beauty of raw lab grown diamond, it must be cut first and later polished by a professional. Basically, after the diamond is faceted, it is polished to bring out that spark and shine finish. Certain polish scales determine the grading of polish established by authorities.

Lab Grown Diamond Processing

Bhanderi Lab grown Diamonds offer brilliance in creating a lab made diamond through CVD processing. The CVD stands for chemical vapour deposition, where a diamond seed is inserted into the reactors to give fine results. Our diamonds are sourced using very less energy through CVD processing than those compared to the diamonds that are pulled from the Earth through mining activities. Also, the cost of developing a CVD diamond is much lesser than the cost of mining & transporting a mined diamond. The process of producing diamonds through the CVD process includes a mixture of hydrocarbon gases.

We at Bhanderi firmly believe in making our lab grown diamond indistinguishable from other gemstones. We are a leading lab grown diamond manufacturer and lab grown diamond supplier across the globe. We are still leveraging our geographic locations to enhance the incredible quality of lab grown diamond for each of our distributors, retailers, clients, wholesalers, and jewelers. Furthermore, we trust in producing each of our lab grown diamond with crystal clear perfection and in a safer than ever environment. Bhanderi Lab Grown Diamonds strives to make every CVD diamonds into a memorable piece of gem for our consumers.

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