A Dream to Reality Lab Created Diamonds

January 27,2022

Many women out there have a dream to wear diamonds. They are accessible to only privileged people and are nothing but a dream for some. But now things have changed a lot. Thanks to the internet, people are getting access to various types of things they never knew existed and one such thing is lab created diamonds. No one knew about it earlier other than the industrial people. But, now they are replacing the natural diamonds in the middle class with upper-middle-class households.

But, what are these lab diamonds? In this article, we are going to learn about everything there is related to lab diamonds.

Some Facts about Lab Diamonds

These lab diamonds are also called culture diamonds or man-made diamonds. The diamond formation procedure is reciprocated in the lab to make these diamonds. Usually, natural diamonds take a long time to form. Carbon goes through a lot of pressure underground and faces hot temperatures. After being subjected to both of these for some millions of years, diamonds are formed. This is the sole reason why diamonds are costlier than other precious stones.

In the lab, an identical situation is created to prepare these diamonds. A carbon is subjected to high pressure and huge temperature. This will result in the formation of a diamond inside the lab. The chemical structure and optical properties of lab diamonds are quite similar to that of natural diamonds.

When does the lab diamonds are created?

Now, let us talk about the creation of these lab diamonds. The truth about lab created diamonds is that no one knows when they are created properly. The creation dates back to the 1940s. Back in those days, not many were aware of the existence of these diamonds in the first place. Only the people in the industry knew about it.

However, several claims are saying that these diamonds were manufactured back from 1879 to 1928 but there is no confirmation regarding this yet. According to the existing resources, the first man-made diamond was made in 1954. In the 1970s, gem-quality lab stones were made. In the 1980s, high-quality man-made diamonds are available for commercial sale. Now, the popularity of these diamonds has increased tenfold making them the best option for diamond jewelry and people are using these diamonds to propose too.

These man-made diamonds are a great alternative to the real ones and are available at a quite affordable price too.

Who invented this process and where was it first made?

According to the records available, in the 1950s, the first man-made diamonds were made in a laboratory by H. Tracy Hall, a chemist working at General Electrics. General Electrics have been striving to create these lab made diamonds for so long before they got a positive result. They have started working on it in the 1940s and succeeded in the 1950s however, they kept this a secret for so long.

The first diamonds made in the lab were so small and dirty. They weren’t even visible properly for naked eyes. But the situations have changed rapidly and now we can find Lab Created Diamond Manufacturer which is similar in all ways for the real diamonds.

The diamond makers are ensuring that the stones adhere to 4C’s without fail.

How do these diamonds were made in past?

In the past, experts tried and tested many experiments to recreate the diamonds but all failed miserably. H.Tracy was the first one to think of putting the carbon under heavy pressure and temperature that it usually faces underground. He used to dissolve metals like iron, cobalt, nickel to create diamonds.

This process has changed a lot with time. The first successful method of creating these diamonds is heavy pressure and high temperature which is also termed HPHT. The lab technicians and scientists are trying various other methods to create these diamonds and we have to wait and see which one of their new methods is going to succeed.

Demand and Supply of Lab Diamonds

The demand and supply for these lab diamonds have increased rapidly without a doubt. People are opting for it more than ever now. As it has become a better alternative, people started considering it more compared to natural diamonds.

Earlier the demand for these Lab Created Diamonds was very less considering that they are only used for industrial purposes. But, now things changed and they are used very heavily for commercial purposes. People are proposing to their loved ones using these diamonds.

If you are planning to gift someone or purchase lab grown diamonds for yourself, then I will suggest you go for lab created diamonds. These diamonds are good for your pocket and environment as well. They are available on the internet and are door delivered too which is a good thing in prevailing situations.

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